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Innovative solutions in the field of renewable energy

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Verti Energy manufacturer of innovative wind turbines

To produce our turbines, we use knowledge from areas such as mechanics, energy, as well as experience from the aviation industry.

Verti Energy specialists continuously cooperate with key research units in Poland. Thanks to this, users of Verti wind turbines not only receive an innovative product, but also a proven and rigorously tested product.

The installation of a given turbine is carried out by our own assembly teams with extensive experience in the renewable energy industry. Additionally, each order is supervised by a dedicated Project Manager.

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Our valueS

A refined product is a guarantee of satisfaction from investing in the wind energy

Years of conceptual work and research projects have result into the reliability of Verti Energy turbines

Our Vision

Become the leading manufacturer of wind turbines for commercial and residential facilities in Europe.

Our Mission

Providing innovative and efficient wind turbines with a comprehensive product support package.

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Discover the wind power

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Verti wind turbines production process

Production planning and the Verti wind turbine production plant itself is located in Zielona Góra, Poland. All components come from Polish or European suppliers. Modern machinery and very high technological standards translate into high quality of Verti turbines and electricity production declared in the catalog cards.

Invest in wind energy and get your own power source

Our specialists will conduct a thorough audit of the possibilities of installing a wind turbine and select the appropriate power