Verti wind turbines

The innovative energy source with a unique and patented design

Who we are

Verti Energy is the power of Polish technical concept

We proudly produce our devices in Poland in cooperation with national research entities

Maximum turbine power
0 kW
Maximum energy efficiency
0 MWh
Wind start speed for the turbine
0 m/s

We operate together

Our values

A refined product is a guarantee of satisfaction from investing in the wind energy

Years of conceptual work and research projects have result into the reliability of Verti Energy turbines

Our Vision

Become the leading manufacturer of wind turbines for commercial and residential facilities in Europe.

Our Mission

Providing innovative and efficient wind turbines with a comprehensive product support package.

Our Motto

Discover the wind power

years of experience
Why cooperate with us

Innovative solutions based on the reliable systems

The advantage of knowledge and experience

Unique solutions

Verti Energy's offer includes the possibility of obtaining electricity all year round, day and night

Professional installation

We have our own assembly teams with extensive experience in both wind turbines and photovoltaics

Service support

Our customers can rely on complex service support, both in terms of monitoring turbine operation and maintenance work

Our offer

Modern and effective Verti wind turbines

Patented blade design, efficient generator, dedicated security devices, specially developed tower structure


The first step of selecting a wind turbine is to conduct an audit of the wind conditions for the turbine

Offer preparation

The second step is the development of a dedicated offer along with simulation of the operation of a given wind turbine


After the acceptance of the offer, the customer signs the contract and the process of organizing the necessary administrative documents begins

Start of the production

After receiving the advance payment, we begin the production order for a given wind turbine


After completed production and receiving the required administrative documents, the installation staff will assemble the turbine

Service support

As part of Verti Care, a given turbine is monitored by Verti Energy employees

Energy mix of wind turbines and photovoltaics

Permanent electricity gains from renewable energy sources

Example applications

From residential houses to industrial buildings

There is also the possibility of design consultation during the construction of a new facility

Verti 10kW wind turbine
Office building
Verti 6kW wind turbine
Multi-family house
Verti 10kW wind turbine
Industrial building

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Get electricity day and night, regardless of the seasons!